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A Love Betrayed by June Weikel

After unsuccessfully dating a laundry list of professionals and reasonably well-positioned businessmen, Samantha meets Harry, an auto mechanic in New Jersey with “good teeth and a great smile.”

Although her dear Aunt Sophie and best friend, Megan, and eventually her own mom, warn her against marrying Harry, she adopts a “no one is going to tell me what to do” attitude, ignores any negative vibes and forges ahead with the nuptials.

Roy, an old boyfriend of Samantha’s, owns a used car dealership in Florida and offers Harry a job in this tiny, remote Florida town. The newlyweds head south to start a new, exciting life together.

As it turns out, Harry is cheap, completely unsophisticated, and Samantha discovers that she and Harry were actually hired as a team to work for Roy in this isolated Florida dump of a town. It doesn’t take Sam long to assess that she has made an enormous mistake--not merely in relocating to Florida, but in settling for Harry as a life partner.

Harry tightly controls everything--their finances, their dreadful living conditions and their almost nonexistent social life. Sam desperately misses her former existence in New Jersey that was far more civilized.

Moreover, Sam discovers that Harry has been withholding very pertinent information about his life, and she needs to find a way to get herself back on a positive path.

Was Harry really such a bad guy or was he just apathetic and irresponsible in his personal life? He has to make some life-altering decisions of his own. Were Sam and Harry destined to be together, or were they simply from different planets?

Reading A Love Betrayed personally brought me back to a time of being far too young to marry, but nothing was going to stand in my way. I was so sure that I knew exactly what I was doing, only to discover that I was too young to really know who I was, how I would change over time, and what would be important to me as a mature adult versus what I thought I wanted at that early age.

A Love Betrayed explores how important it is to truly know yourself, as well as the person to whom you are expecting to spend the rest of your life. What you see isn’t always what you get.

 Book Description

This beautifully written story flows with love, passion, tears and humor. It introduces you to a charismatic array of unforgettable characters that will stay with you long after you finish the novel. Samantha, "Sam," has to make a major decision she knows will ultimately affect her destiny. What would you have done?

In the Words of June Weikel

June Weikel

It was a Sunday afternoon in the month of July. I was sitting on the sofa, and my dad was sitting in his chair by the front window in a row house. I was seventeen and had already started reading at the age of four.

I said, “I am going to write a book someday.”

“Well, honey, I know you can do it,” my father said.

At my book presentations, I always say, “And honey did it, and here it is!”

I frame everyday happenings with my realistic, no-nonsense perspective and unique brand of humor.

I want my readers to feel they are part of each chapter and wonder if it will turn out the way they think it will. It’s all about keeping the reader’s interest and keeping them guessing. I also like to add some humor!

June Weikel
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