Sunday, January 19, 2014

Days of a Wounded Heart by Barbara Flowers Jacobs

This book supports my motto that says, "Nothing is Easy," as well as the Scripture telling us that in this world, we aren't exempt from trouble. So many think that being a Christian makes life suddenly easy and effortless, and that's definitely a myth. What we do have is help from Above to cope with the issues of life and to know we aren't ever alone. We can turn it all over to Him and ask for guidance. He will see us through. And that message by this author is unmistakable.

Barbara Flowers Jacobs gets right to the heart of the matter--tales of a tough upbringing and then difficult years of parenting and beyond. She is able to convey challenging and sometimes heartbreaking situations that she encountered without giving graphic detail. She manages to paint a clear picture without forcing us to watch the entire movie.

Important memories, along with pertinent poetry, Scripture, and Thoughts to Ponder are what this book provides the reader. Inspiring and poignant, it is a true and honest testimony that touches the hearts of her family and anyone else who is blessed to read this story.

Book Description
Barbara Flowers Jacobs tells her stories through prose and poetry with courage and honesty. Most will find something within these pages to relate to from Barbara's trials and troubles, yet even if you can't, you'll find yourself admiring her for her bravery and faith.

"Barbara Jacobs' story is one of a woman who has struggled with cancer, an alcoholic mother, an abusive father, difficult relationships, and the trials her children and grandchildren have faced with her by their side. In the end, the Lord has blessed her much like He blessed Job after his suffering." - Rev. J. Patrick May

About the Author

Spunky mother, grandmother and woman of deep faith, Barbara Flowers Jacobs was born in Colorado, but lived in a variety of locations during her lifetime. Her high school years were spent in Laurel Hill, North Carolina, and she has also lived in Texas, Virginia and Georgia. Jacobs has resided in the Myrtle Beach area since 2001 and said, "Living here in this house is the longest I have ever lived anywhere in my life."

Barbara recently told me an amazing story:

"I was standing in line at Walmart, and there was a girl with a young son waiting in line behind me. We began to chat, and she said, 'I feel like I should know you.'

The longer we talked, one thing led to another and I said that she should read my book. She asked me what the book was all about and then announced that she had already read it. I asked her where she had read it. Her response surprised me.

'In jail,' she replied. 'I read it and wrote down some of the poetry to take home with me.'

I asked her what she was in jail for. She told me that it was for drunk driving and drugs. She has now moved in with her mother, joined Alcoholics Anonymous and is raising her son.

Her son listened to our conversation and then said, 'You do know there's an angel here.'

What are the odds of running into this girl in line in Walmart and her knowing all about my book because she read it in jail and copied some of the poetry so she wouldn't forget it? It was definitely a God thing.

I knew that she couldn't buy the book, so I went out to my car and got a copy to give her. She was so thankful and appreciative, and as she walked along the sidewalk on her way home, I could see that she was engrossed in the pages of my book. And that's why I wrote it. I wanted it to help someone know that they didn't have to live the way they were raised. I hear people all the time say, 'Well that's the way I was raised.' God gives everyone the ability to make their own choices. And if my book helps anyone make a better choice, then I have accomplished what I set out to do. 

God's already left me here 3 times. I've had cancer twice and serious complications from surgery, but He has kept me here. Sometimes I say, 'God, I know you've kept me here 3 times, but could You please tell me what for?'"
I think we know the answer to that question. Through her book and her testimony of faith and hope, she touches lives and hearts in ways that are so far reaching, she will never even know how many or how significantly. God bless you, Barbara Flowers Jacobs! Days of a Wounded Heart-a book packed full of inspiration.

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Mary Anne Benedetto

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