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From a Grateful Heart by Gladys J. Long

Poetry is a useful vessel for expressing our deepest feelings, our emotional mountains and valleys, fears and disappointments, observations and profound revelations. Before I hopped aboard the train of writing Christian fiction and nonfiction related to producing memoirs, I also loved to dabble in penning poetry.

Although most recipients of my attempts at sharing thoughts in this genre were family members and friends and I haven’t written a poem in many years, I completely appreciate that poetry usually flows directly from deep within the heart.

Gladys J. Long’s From a Grateful Heart is a lovely book of poetry, packed full of inspiration and reflections from her life experiences and beliefs.

One of her poems, in particular, had a significant impact on me. It is entitled “What Marvelous Power.” I was touched by the reminder of God’s healing power while I am still in the slow process of mending from a recent injury. I need to read this poem every day for encouragement and to be mindful of the Almighty Source of my healing.

Gladys is a delightful lady who has been jotting down her rhyming thoughts for several years, but decided that now was the time to preserve her words for anyone who might choose to peruse them. She told me that she loves to hear from people and receive their reactions when one of her poems is especially meaningful to them. She also enjoys that her poetry helps people know more about God and bring them closer to Him.

From a Grateful Heart is beautiful from the outside cover that features a colorful garden photo by Nancy Lorraine, through the inside words of wisdom and humor, and ending with a back cover that contains a photo of the lovely Gladys J. Long amidst more flower garden scenery. Readers can’t resist being inspired by this book!

Book Description

From A Grateful Heart - Reflections of treasures shared. Originally written to share with friends and family, Gladys Long's poetry has captured many of life's challenging moments with humor and passion. Insight and simplicity are the foundation of this beautiful compelling testament to her faith in God and the power of healing. From A Grateful Heart will lift your spirit, helping each of us to deal with life as it unfolds in our daily lives.

In the Words of Gladys J. Long

“Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to put pen to paper! Laugh with me (not at me) as you read these, as I have tried to put some subtle humor in most.”

About the Author
Gladys J. Long

The author is a Myrtle Beach SC resident, sweet and beautiful lady, Mother, Grandmother, Great-grandmother and poet!

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