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Mother, I AM Your Daughter! by Diane Drummond Dupre

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a huge advocate and instructor of memoir writing. I especially love reading stories that people have taken the time and effort to pen about their lives. It preserves history. If we don’t share our stories, they are lost to our future generations.

In Mother, I AM Your Daughter: Do You Want to See My Driver's License Again? Diane Drummond DePre tells us exactly what she thinks about life as she was growing up, getting married, having children and becoming caregiver to her mother following her dad’s passing.

She was a self-admitted “Daddy’s Girl,” and was crushed to see her dad’s gradual demise due to Alzheimer’s, a debilitating disease that robs people of their personalities, their logical behavior, their relationships and eventually their lives.

At the same time, her mother was also suffering from Alzheimer’s. Diane had her hands full as she made every effort to work out the best, most logical care for her parents.

This story delves deeply into the frustrations children can face in trying to keep elderly parents safe, comfortable and happy. Their worlds can change abruptly, and we all know how the older generation generally feels about change. They become very much accustomed to their own routines, and uprooting them--even in their best interest--can be completely unnerving to them.

Then there are family issues of determining who will be the responsible sibling for overseeing the care and affairs of an elderly parent. Dynamics vary from family to family, but the tasks often fall on one individual, and God help him/her if he/she doesn’t have a strong support system backing them up one hundred percent. As much as one loves a parent and wants everything right for them, that responsibility can begin to weigh heavily on the patience barometer when there is no or little relief or respite to the caregiver.

I give Diane tremendous credit for being completely honest and direct about her feelings and personal experience in this arena. She doesn’t try to sugar coat what transpired and paints a vivid picture of life as she lived it. Her stories elicit every emotion from laughter to sadness and most definitely sympathy.

What is it like to care for a parent and know that today will be just as unpredictable as yesterday? Exactly what will you be ejected from your comfort zone to handle next? Take a walk in Diane’s shoes for a touching dose of reality about our aging population.

Who will care for us when we can no longer care for ourselves? It is a sobering question. Bravo to Diane Drummond DuPre for sharing her account of life as a caregiver, and many prayers and blessings to her as she travels her own uncertain journey.

Book Description

Mother, I Am Your Daughter: Do You Want to See My Driver's License Again? is a humorous, yet tender memoir about an aging mother with Alzheimer's Disease and her grown daughter who cares for her. Filled with southern charm, hilarious tales and abiding love, Mother I Am Your Daughter is a not-so-guilty pleasure for mothers, daughters and caregivers of every age and every stage!

In the Words of Diane Drummond DuPre

“She’s my mother, my friend, my child, my teacher, my entertainment and my full time job. I am her child, her friend, her mother, her sister, her teacher, her nurse, and whoever else she wants me to be at any given moment.”

About the Author

The author lives in the Myrtle Beach area with her husband, John, happily hosting her growing family of children and grandchildren.

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