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Divine Appointments by Kathy Penney

Kathy Penney is a lady who doesn’t like to miss appointments--particularly those in the Divine category!

In this pull-no-punches book that is a combination of memoir, true confessions, inspiration and evangelism guide, Penney walks us through some incredibly tough times of her life and offers a ray of hope based on her own redemption through a personal choice to be a follower of Jesus Christ.

As a survivor of a near-fatal assault, a victim of rape and someone who chose abortion as a way out on four occasions, Kathy has dedicated her life to giving and receiving grace and forgiveness and to serving God and helping others who are brought into her path to hear her story and learn that there is a living God who loves them, believes they are special and has a plan for their lives.

Divine Appointments: Are YOU Ready for Them? offers encouragement for everyone, emphasizing that most people (at one time or another) make mistakes, poor decisions, desperate choices and that sometimes we are so caught up in our own nebulous existence, that our kids suffer from our lousy parenting skills and misguided priorities.

Reading Divine Appointments reminds me about the power of prayer. When people share their problems and health concerns with me, I always try to respond that I will keep them in my prayers or that I will add them to my prayer list, which I am faithful to do.  I realized that I don’t practice offering to pray for them right there on the spot, praying over them and serving as that conduit of God’s love, grace and power to those in need. Perhaps immediate prayer, rather than being placed on a prayer list with tons of other requests, is the way they would benefit most at that particular moment. It occurred to me that it is always appreciated and comforting to know that someone is praying on your behalf, but actually hearing them say that prayer is a special blessing. Lesson learned and point taken.

Kathy Penney bares her soul to the reader, sharing her insightful poetry, as well as her personal defeats and victories. She doesn’t try to sugar-coat her story, but lays it all out there--the good, the bad and the ugly--along with an enthusiastic message of joy and hope. Complete with supporting scripture verses and even a daily checklist of important tips, Divine Appointments: Are YOU Ready For Them? will take you from your own comfort zone and gently shift you in the direction of thinking about others and their needs.

The takeaway for me is that we are born with an opportunity to enjoy an ongoing relationship through Jesus Christ with the Almighty God, Creator of the entire universe. Some folks rejoice in this, some postpone it and others completely reject Him or feel that faith has no relevance or significance in their lives. As believers, we know without doubt that God orchestrates circumstances to connect us with people in various stages of a spiritual journey--some to guide us and some we should be helping. Divine Appointments offers multiple examples of situations where the author could have ignored that quiet voice that prompts us, and someone’s life and/or situation would have taken a completely different, drastically negative turn.

Divine Appointments. Are you prepared to show up and deliver? Will you step up to the plate and give someone the spiritual guidance they so desperately need…even if they aren’t very likeable and you feel as though you have nothing in common with them? Kathy Penney does.

Book Description

Do you think you need to have the gift of evangelism to share the Gospel? Many Christians love to do different ministries. You may be gifted in teaching Sunday school, sending cards of encouragement, praying for people’s needs or helping in your Church. The body of Christ needs all of the above but people need to know Jesus loves them. I would like to show you how God prepares the hearts and minds of his children to hear the Good News! This book will give you examples of how He will direct your paths. Want to hear about God’s miracles? YOU can be ready to be one of His missionaries and experience the joy He will give you as you enter into His Divine Appointments!

In the Author’s Own Words

“This book was written to give hope and healing through Jesus Christ. My journey was difficult. I was released from a locked up ward at age 39 with no hope.  I, myself, was a Divine Appointment when I was told that someone loved me and had a wonderful plan for my life.  The Divine Appointment was with Jesus.  Jesus then met my daughter Kerri, 23, and delivered her in an instant of drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and suicidal feelings.  My son Joey, 28, was the next one Jesus met with, and Joey is now 8 years heroin free!”
About the Author

Kathy Penney is a women’s Bible study leader, Christian speaker, advocate for victims of violence, women’s mentor, writer of Christian poetry and is an oak of righteousness for the display of His splendor. Kathy has appeared on twenty-two national television shows on victimization. She started the Rap Not Rape college program for women.
Kathy Penney
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