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Madeline Becomes a Star by Peggy Wheeler-Cribb

Before I even begin to write about my thoughts regarding this book, you will far greater appreciate this post by watching the video that gained worldwide attention and became the catalyst for the publication of Madeline Becomes a Star.

You will definitely want to watch all the way to the very end, so please take a moment and view this delightful video:

I clearly remember seeing this video featured on Good Morning America, my absolutely favorite morning news show forever--even going back to the days of Joan Lunden and David Hartman. I usually listen to the broadcast as I am preparing for my day, but I recall stopping for a brief time a couple of years ago to see the little dog chasing the crab. I remember at the bottom of the screen were the words “Pawleys Island, SC.” Little did I know that I had a connection with Madeline and her family.

Peggy Wheeler-Cribb and I had met at a women’s Bible study group in Georgetown, SC, and one day she contacted me and asked that I take a look at her manuscript for this book. So I was delighted to offer a few suggestions, although I was perfectly honest that I am not an expert on writing children’s books. Peggy developed just about the cutest true story I’ve ever seen, and along with the work of an extremely talented illustrator, April Bensch, cultivated the tale of Madeline’s journey to celebrity status.

One of the most charming aspects of this delightful children’s book is that it isn’t fiction. It is a 100 percent true story that has already warmed the hearts of many children and adults as well.

Not only is it entertaining and fascinating to see how Madeline’s fame was ignited, but the story also contains a core message that reminds us of how dramatically the lives of rescue dogs can change when given the benefit of a loving family.

Written from Madeline’s puppy point of view, readers are able to gain insight into Madeline’s thoughts and feelings, as well as the facts surrounding her adventure.

If you are blessed to have a youngster in your life, this is one book that I highly recommend. I have no doubt that it will become a top favorite of your little loved one!
Book Description

Madeline the Dachshund thought the best thing that ever happened to her was being adopted by her pet parents from a dog rescue, but that was before she became famous! Madeline was content living the life of a normal everyday dog. Then one day Madeline became a star after a video of her playing with her friend, the ghost crab, went viral! Join Madeline, the rescue dog, on her rise to fame and her adventure to New York City!

About Author Peggy Wheeler-Cribb

Peggy Wheeler-Cribb grew up in Earles, SC. She lives with her husband C.L. in Pawleys Island, SC. Peggy has two children, Diane and Darwin, and two grandsons, Jason and Nathan. She also has two step-children, Valerie and Brian, and four more grandchildren through them: Kaitlyn, Pressley, Chance and Peyton. 
Peggy Wheeler-Cribb
Peggy is an award winning educator, as well as a community leader and presenter. She owned and directed Happy Time Preschool for 33 years. She is the founder and director of Grace Church Ministries for Special Needs Children at First Baptist Church in Georgetown, SC.  Peggy and her family volunteer in the ministry every week and are supporters of local animal rescues. Peggy delights in all children and strives to live by Colossians 3:23: Whatever you do, work heartily as for the Lord and not for men. 

About Illustrator April Bensch
April Bensch
April Bensch grew up in Tampa, Florida, where she developed a deep appreciation for the visual and performing arts. She has enjoyed calling Pawleys Island her home for the past 15 years, where she has become an award winning artist, illustrator and mother of 3 beautiful daughters. April has taught art to children of all ages and delights in bringing color, personality and life to the characters she illustrates, bringing joy to readers both young and old. You can view her artwork at or view her last illustrated book, “Twas the Night Before Jesus” at

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