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Sullie Saves the Seas by Goffinet McLaren

A few years ago when I was teaching a workshop entitled “Navigating the Publishing Highway,” I met Goffinet McLaren. This adorable lady with the charming Irish accent was beyond passionate about an idea for a book that could be entertaining, but most importantly, would eliminate the cobwebs from our minds regarding the tragedy befalling our oceans and the endangered wildlife within.

Goffinet was and is a fearless activist for a noble cause, and she would indeed follow through and accomplish her publishing goal. Sullie Saves the Seas, with its clever text and illustrations, was born as a result of Goffinet’s efforts to preserve marine life and clean up our beaches.

My Review:

Author and Pawleys Island, SC resident, Goffinet McLaren, is on a mission to raise awareness about the negative impact and results of plastic pollution that is so prevalent in our society today.

Until they are presented with the facts, most people do not even realize that, at alarming rates, plastic ingestion is harming and killing our ocean wildlife.

Although Sullie Saves the Seas is targeted at educating children, the powerful message it conveys is a subtle warning to adults as well.

Written from Sullie the Seagull's point of view and featuring his bird friends of the Secret Society, this book tells the story of beach litter and presents the startling revelation of the proven existence of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, an enormous collection of plastic waste that threatens the ocean environment and its inhabitants. While it tells a compelling tale, it also offers a complete list of suggestions for eliminating as much plastic waste from our world as possible.

You will want to obtain a copy of Sullie Saves the Seas for your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews so they will understand these critical issues, but please take the time to read it for yourself--for the benefit of our planet!

Book Description

When Sullie the Seagull,  Goffinet McLaren`s new super-hero, sees that  plastic pollution is destroying his precious Turtle Beach, he calls his friends to action.

Sullie and his Secret Society of birds create a fun filled, exciting, adventure that takes aim at specific thoughtless humans who are causing environmental damage to the beach and to Sullie`s ocean pals. Sullie decides to show these humans just what it is like to have cigarette butts, old fireworks, and plastic bags, littered in their homes and yards.

Chapter by chapter, Sullie`s clever schemes deliver a delightful tale that you will enjoy sharing with your children and friends.

McLaren`s story targets 8 – 12 year olds, but kids of all ages will laugh with, learn from, and love a savvy seagull`s schemes to save his ocean.

Sullie is the new global icon for clean oceans! Visit                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

About the Author

Born and raised in the small town of Carrickfergus, on the water’s edge in Northern Ireland, a young Goffinet was already aware that caring for the ocean and its inhabitants was just as vital as blood flowing through her veins.

Her 1979 move to the United States and 2006 relocation to the South Carolina coast set the stage for her ardent advocacy of a cleaner sea and litter-free beaches.

Goffinet’s husband Ian and son Moutray share her enthusiasm and are two of her most supportive fans.

We will be hearing more from the feisty Goffinet McLaren as she prepares to publish a book based on her fascinating family history and continues her quest to raise awareness about plastic pollution via Sullie Saves the Seas.

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See for links to all formats including print, Nook and Kindle.

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