Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Butterfly Adventure by Nancy Lorraine

When my grandchildren were young, one of my greatest pleasures was curling up with one or two or three of them and reading a story. They never became bored or restless and would remain engrossed in this activity as long as I was willing and able to continue.

Now I have begun assembling a box of special books for my great-granddaughter, as I know that my granddaughter, Gabby, will carry on the reading tradition. In this collection is an extraordinarily beautiful book, The Butterfly Adventure. I absolutely loved it, and I know that Gabby, who was particularly intrigued by butterflies as a child, will enjoy reading it to her daughter. Inspired by her own granddaughter, Ava Lorraine, and her garden explorations, author Nancy Lorraine’s love of nature spills out from every page.

As two female butterflies, Blue and Yellow, embark upon an adventurous garden tour, they learn about life in a very different setting than the one to which they are accustomed. They learn that even for colorful, gorgeous butterflies, dangers can be lurking in the most unlikely places and they need to be aware of their surroundings.

The advantages and blessings of friendship are also discovered, along with Blue and Yellow’s rapidly expanding knowledge of garden-based insects, flowers, and nature’s order.

A delightful, yet educational read, The Butterfly Adventure not only offers an appealing story, but spectacular, brilliantly shaded accompanying watercolor illustrations by Dorothy Herron. The brightly hued Impressionist-like pages are vibrant depictions of life in a garden, bathing the reader in the warm glow of colorful sunlit scenery.

Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles--Cuddle up with your favorite youngster and read this book. It will likely become one of their favorites!

Book Description

Two young butterflies leave the comfort of their shady forest for the first time in Nancy Lorraine’s The Butterfly Adventure. Exploring a brilliant wildflower garden in full bloom, the butterfly friends encounter exotic new insects and flowers--but most of all--the butterflies discover the value of friendship. Beautifully illustrated with original watercolors, each chapter of The Butterfly Adventure makes lovely bedtime reading for both parent and child.

About the Author
Nancy Lorraine is the pen name for Nancy Lorraine Edelman. A master gardener, Nancy Lorraine spends time daily in her extensive backyard flower garden. It was in the garden that Lorraine first began to spin tales about insects and butterflies to the delight of her young granddaughter. Lorraine is a mother and a proud grandmother of eight grandchildren.
Nancy Lorraine Edelman

The enjoyment and conservation of nature has always been a passion for Lorraine. As a town councilwoman for a small South Carolina town, she led efforts to improve the quality of the town's coastal waters. She is a volunteer for the National Wildlife Federation and as such led efforts to certify the town as a community wildlife habitat. She also led efforts to establish a nature park in her community.
Lorraine retired after a 30-year career as a mental health professional. She counseled families and children in crisis and instructed graduate classes in counseling. She earned a doctorate in social work from the University of South Carolina.

Dorothy Herron, the illustrator for "The Butterfly Adventure," is an accomplished watercolor artist. Her art is available at

Dorothy Herron

Visit Facebook/TheButterflyAdventure for photos and information about all the garden insects in the story.

Also, watch in fall, 2013 for a new release: Tatty, the Lonely Monarch by Nancy Lorraine!

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