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The Toppled Pawn-Tale of Corporate Greed

The Toppled Pawn by Robert O’Brien

I don’t watch reruns and rarely read the same novel twice, though there are a couple of all time favorite books that have enticed me to return. The Toppled Pawn is one of those intriguing stories that deserves a repeat performance and doesn’t disappoint the second time around.

Corporate greed. What really goes on behind the scenes? How much is covered up that most unsuspecting people will never begin to discover because the puppets continue to dance, and no one has a clue about the true identity of those responsible for pulling the strings?

During my initial read, I was mildly curious about the direction this story was taking as I finished the first chapter. By the end of the second chapter, I was firmly riveted and seeking spare moments as often as reasonably possible to continue reading. It is one of those books that when you absolutely must put it down, you can hardly wait to get back to it to find out what happens next. O'Brien paints his vivid scenes with clear precision, and perhaps his talent as an artist carries over into his writing.

In this book, the affluent Westerfields are in serious trouble, their lives endangered. Kristi (Marilynn) Christopher, a small town Chief of Police with an impressive big city FBI background, is on the case. Although a no-nonsense, tough-as-nails investigator, we find ourselves exposed to a caring, sensitive, private side of Kristi that one might not anticipate. Her expertise and contacts are pulled into action to do whatever is necessary to uncover the corporate culprits behind the frightening mystery taking place before their eyes. She is doggedly determined to protect the Westerfields and their interests. As the drama neatly unfolds, you have to wonder exactly how much of this story is fiction and what portion is based on factual information. Scary thought.

The Toppled Pawn reveals some facts about the well-known Bayer company that may be shocking. At the end of the book, O’Brien recommends a web site (, which continues to track issues involving Bayer.

I only hope that Robert O'Brien will find a way to take a vacation, temporarily remove his publisher's hat and write a few more books. I love, love, love this book and would be right there to purchase more works by this author.

In Robert O’Brien’s words:
The Toppled Pawn explores the extremes of courage and greed as a small group of dedicated people battle an international financial cartel orchestrating a grand conspiracy designed to re-establish BayerAG in the US pharmaceutical market.

Most US citizens are unaware of Bayer's history. They view the company as the wonderful people who created Aspirin.

Very few Americans realize that in 1918, Bayer was banned from doing business in Allied Countries for war crimes.  US citizens are unaware that BayerAG is the heir of the dismantled war profiteer, I.G. FarbenindustrieAG, or of their involvement in WWII. The Toppled Pawn attempts to reveal a few of those seldom mentioned facts.  

The Toppled Pawn will appeal to a wide range of readers, especially those who suspect powerful financial forces are working behind the scenes to control the events that shape our future. 

The book was inspired by Elie Wiesel's words honoring Holocaust victims, ". . . protect the future of humanity from such evil recurring."

About Robert O’Brien

Robert O'Brien: Artist - Designer - Author

Before moving south, Robert T. O'Brien owned O'Brien Design Inc., an advertising agency located in Elkhart, Indiana.  His company created marketing and sales programs specializing in new product introductions, packaging and promotional material.

In 2010, he created Prose Press, a publishing company dedicated to helping authors with quality work get their books in print.
Robert O'Brien uses his artistic talents to create exceptional book covers.  He uses powerful shapes, lively colors and well-balanced compositions to capture story.

Web site:
Book Description

 This “David vs. Goliath” plot features murder, industrial sabotage, and offshore banking to create a suspenseful tale sprinkled with humor and history.

The story matches wits between newly appointed South Station Chief of Police, Kristi Christopher, and the Painter Group, an international financial cartel orchestrating a grand conspiracy designed to take over a local pharmaceutical company.

Prose Press    843-237-9929

The Toppled Pawn can be ordered at the above email address or purchased at Litchfield Books, Harbor Walk Books in Georgetown, SC, Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats and at Barnes & Noble.

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